Majid Al Futtaim is one of the top brands in the Retail, Real Estate, Entertainment & Leisure, & Hospitality industries in the region. By understanding key markets where MAF conducts its business like UAE, KSA, Egypt, and Lebanon. The big idea and the creative brief stemmed from the analysis of the  market, competitors, industry, SWOT,  and consumers.

After analyzing MAF’s strategic focus and situational analysis. We were able to create a campaign linking back to MAF and it’s different sub brands that will link to their core idea “creating great moments for everyone everyday”. This campaign is an execution of MAF’s marketing objectives which is to create awareness about MAF as a branded house. After analyzing MAF’s consumers in the four largest markets that they operate in, we came to the conclusion that the consumers are stuck in the same routine everyday. Our campaign is to remind the consumers to break out of the routine and “let loose” by visiting different MAF leisure & entertainment facilities. This will make MAF and its sub brands the top of mind when consumers want to have fun and enjoy themselves. Our campaign is linked back to “creating great moments for everyone, everyday”. As “letting loose” and breaking from the routine will create unforgettable memories and feelings.



To archive MAF’s marketing goals in becoming the top ten strongest brands in awareness, this campaign will raise awareness and link back to MAF’s logo, brand, and brand mission “creating great moments for everyone everyday”. After carefully analyzing the critical markets where MAF operates the idea of breaking the routine, weather it is a break from work or from the political climate, formed with a tagline “let loose” this encourages consumers to remember to enjoy every now and then by visiting one of MAF’s sub brands.